Seerion leverages its world class IT Project expertise to provide the highest caliber talent to Fortune 500 and mid-size enterprises. We are committed to maximizing workforce solutions on behalf of our clients.

We provide services to a diverse client base across several industries nationwide. We leverage out client centric model and industry domain expertise to ensure we are providing the best talent to our clients and helping them maximize their efficiencies and return on their investments.

We leverage industry best practices and methodologies to ensure our consultants are working with you to solve problems in an innovative and cost efficient manner.

Why Seerion as Your Services Partner

  • Two decades of Project and Consulting expertise in the IT Sector
  • Comprehensive Screening Process
  • Client Centric Value Based Model
  • Top US Project & Consulting Services Company
  • Results Driven – provide high quality talent in the shortest time frames
  • Multiple locations across US and Asia

Clients We Serve

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Customer Care and Cost Efficiencies has been the key focus in the Life Sciences and healthcare industry. Collaboration amongst life science companies, healthcare service providers and payer organizations has played a crucial role in industry transformation. All stakeholders from hospitals and local providers to insurance companies are working to comply with changing regulations, and to keep up with an ever increasing demand on their processes and systems.

Advances in emerging technologies in Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social Media has been vital in providing next generation efficiencies and competitive edge to participating companies.

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Seerion’s Life Sciences & Healthcare Experience

We bring comprehensive industry experience working with leading medical device, pharmaceuticals and healthplan carriers. We work closely with our clients in providing affordable value based technology solutions. This has enabled our clients to substantially reduce cost of operations while increasing productivity. We are a leading provider of industry experts and consultants across several domains in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry.

Life Sciences & Health Care Service Areas

  • Clinical Development Systems
  • Pharma & Biotech Solutions
  • Medical Device Management Solutions
  • Payer & Provider Systems
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Out Patient & In Patient Management Systems
  • Human Capital Management Solutions
  • ERP
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Mobility
  • Cloud

Consumer Products

Over the last several years, with the proliferation of Analytics, Social and Mobile technologies, consumers have been continually changing their shopping habits. They are demanding better shopping experiences and looking for competitive pricing for the consumer goods.

Consumers are adopting multichannel shopping approach; they may shop on line or embark on a brick and mortar shopping experience, after completing online analysis of product quality and pricing.

Companies providing an integrated online and in store shopping experience are able to differentiate and sustain a competitive business model. We believe effective use of data mining and analytics will play a crucial role for retailers to enhance their overall customer experience, which in turn will drive customer loyalty and increased sales.

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Seerion’s Consumer Products Experience

Our consultants have deep industry experience and understanding of best practices. We have worked with several consumer durable companies achieve better bottom line results Our subject matter professionals specialize in Process Improvements, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing & Operations, eCommerce and Consumer Goods Value Chain. They are ready to assist you in your journey of Supply Chain Excellence and Digital Transformation.

Consumer Product Goods Service Areas

  • Omni Channel Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • eCommerce
  • Merchandise Distribution
  • Content Management
  • Promotion Planning
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Analytics, Reporting
  • Mobility
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Application Life Cycle Management

Energy & Utilities

Utility and Energy sectors are undergoing robust transformation towards, cleaner affordable and more efficient distribution capabilities. Emerging Business models are changing the relationships between customers, utilities, energy companies and regulators.

Performance based models are requiring Utilities and Energy clients to becoming more customer value focused and putting pressure on the traditional cost of service models.

New Technologies and solutions in Energy Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Smart Grids and Supply Chain Management are enabling our clients to develop more sustainable and competitive business models.

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Seerion’s Energy & Utilities Experience

Industry Knowledge - Our comprehensive understanding of energy management allow us to serve our clients more effectively from business process improvements, to solution design and development to technology innovation and integration.

Implementation Capabilities - We can provide pre-configured SAP based Energy and Utility solutions based on industry Best Practices and Supply Chain models. Our capabilities range from Value Assessment to design and implementation of Energy Management, Asset Management and Supply Chain Management solutions.

Value & Benefits Realization - Seerion can help you obtain quick returns on your investment and value realization simultaneously through our deep understanding of industry processes and solutions.

Energy and Utilities - Service Areas provided by Seerion

  • Energy Resolution Management
  • Energy Supply Chain Optimization
  • Utility Billing & Energy Management
  • ERP
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Environment Health & Safety
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Business Intelligence - Reporting
  • Mobility


The activities of the chemical sector are broadly divided into five distinct categories based on the type of products manufactured. These categories are basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, consumer chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The chemicals industry is rapidly evolving, as globalization and shift of demand to emerging economies has increased the complexity of the supply chains. This has resulted in companies proactively managing risks, and seeking visibility across multiple layers of their global supply chains.

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Driving excellence across all operations is pivotal. Our consultants at Seerion are leveraging SAP Chemicals solutions and technologies in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Analytics and Mobility to reduce client risks, improve asset utilization and reducing operating costs.

Seerion Subject Matter experts support a full suite of SAP Solutions


  • Production Operations Management
  • Production Network
  • Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance
  • Asset Network

Supply Chain Management

  • Demand-Driven Business Planning
  • Responsive Supply Network
  • Logistics Fulfillment

Point Solutions

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Environment Health & Safety
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Operations Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Management and Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Tank Trailer processing
  • Third party sub-contracting
  • Recipe Management and Active Ingredient

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage industry presents unique challenges and opportunities as market dynamics are changing rapidly to respond to consumer needs.

Our subject matter experts help insure ongoing product innovation, enabling you to get the flexibility you need to boost responsiveness, track products from suppliers to customers, improve quality control, deliver products to consumers safely and comply with strict FDA regulations.

We help food and beverage manufacturers keep costs in check through the implementation of Industry best practices and process improvements.

We provide full range of services designed to meet the unique requirements and challenges of our Food and Beverage clients.

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SAP Processes & Capabilities - Food & Beverage Industry

Enhance Purchasing Power

Simplify the process of establishing purchasing contracts, enabling you to lock in prices to meet requirements and maximize returns.

Improve Batch & Lot Tracking, FDA Compliance
Better trace your materials and processes both forwards and backwards, helping you stay in compliance with strict food safety requirements.

Better Manage Shelf Life
With SAP you can more closely monitor expiration dates, ensuring that fresh raw materials and ingredients are available and used in production, and older lots/batches get used first to better minimze waste.

Enhance Trading Partner Visibility with EDI Integration
By pairing SAP's core functionality with Navigator's iConnect solution, users can now leverage world-class EDI solutions to better automate demand planning, improve ordering, and optimize inventory.

Maximize Quality Control
Eliminate unecessary delays and waste by better managing the quality of components and raw materials, so every product you ship meets customer specifications.

Proactively Manage Your Business Integrated Alerts
Know what is happening in your business as it happens. SAP monitors the system, notifying you to take action before problems surface.

Food & Beverage Industry - Our Offerings

  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Batch & Lot Tracking & Optimization
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence & Data Anlaytics
  • Mobile Solutions